Just (Be) Cause

Eileen Counihan uses her art to raise awareness of issues that are of importance to her. She is using her creative talents to try to make positive change in the world.

Why? Just (be) cause.

Because she can do something. For a just cause.

As a lifelong visual artist, Counihan is a true believer in the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words". Eileen is passionate about using her photography to draw attention to environmental and human rights challenges.

She's currently working on a project to support the Standing Rock Sioux and their diverse coalition comprised of hundreds of other Indigenous Tribes and their allies in support of their protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

In November 2016, Eileen ventured to North Dakota to photograph the front line of the protest - to support the coalition communication. She will be releasing a new body of work to further support the cause, including images from her three-month trip through the National Parks of the West during the summer of 2016 with a few samples below:

Bryce Canyon 2016

Counihan decided to drive positive change with her nocturnal landscape photography several years ago - at the onset of the 16-day U.S. Government 2013 shutdown that closed all U.S. National Parks, Forests, Seashores, and Monuments. 

Although the Shutdown impacted Counihan's ability to shoot at night in the Parks, she was shocked at the heartless actions by the U.S. Congress that harmed communities and people that surround the Parks - along with many thousands of tourists - wreaking havoc on their lives and causing millions of dollars in losses. Even worse? Congress continued to pay their own salaries while others couldn't even pay for their monthly bills.

Eileen believes that our National Parks should always be available for us to experience and enjoy - and was undeterred by the bureaucratic politicians that were trying to hold our public lands captive. She took direct action in protest of the U.S. Government inaction and made her way into the Parks, hiking back into Sequoia National Forest to photograph Redwoods just after midnight. As the shutdown continued, she made her way into photograph other parks including Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Monument.

Yosemite - 100th Anniversary of National Parks - 2016 

Eileen Counihan has always given back to causes that were important to her. She is recognized for donating her art and services to many non-profit groups, ranging from the local Peregrine Theatre Ensemble in Provincetown, the Pan-Mass Challenge in support of cancer research, and national LGBT organizations such as Human Rights Campaign and GLAD.