Astro Fireworks - Join Us In the Fight for...(too many things to list)

Astro Fireworks - Join Us In the Fight for...(too many things to list)

July 04, 2019

It's July 4th and I won't turn the TV on. I can barely look at social media, but I do. I see all of the problems repeating over and over in posts, and I think, what can I do TODAY to change any of this?

I'm hoping that next Independence Day, we'll be able to wake up knowing that our country has survived this attack on our democracy that's under assault by Trump, McConnell, and others. I want to be able to celebrate our freedom once again. 

But that's not a given.

Until that time comes (and hopefully, it will) I won't give up in my quest to do something, to take action, to make some kind of difference.

This morning, here's what I came up with:

I'm donating proceeds from several of my photographs to organizations that are actively working on the front lines to make change NOW. Because we don't have time to wait.

I chose these groups because they cover each of the major areas that are currently under assault by Trump. Here's the list:

ACLU Foundation
Leading the fight for civil rights in the courts on behalf of all of us.

Human Rights Campaign - HRC Foundation
Fighting for everyone's human rights with a focus on LGBTQ equality.

Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services - RAICES
The name says it all, but in summary: they're fighting to get KIDS and their mothers and fathers out of cages (or worse!) and everything else to do with helping migrants, refugees, and immigration. 

Planned Parenthood
Fighting for women's healthcare and reproductive rights.

I'm offering the glossy print photographs for only $25.00, and will send $20.00 directly to your choice of one of four organizations listed above (the remaining $5.00 covers cost of ink, paper, shipping). You'll be able to click on your choice when order.

Please click here to make your donation and order the first photograph in the series, Astro Fireworks

 Astro Fireworks from the Milky Way over the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, June 26, 2019